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Beyerdynamic TG V70(s) Micro

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Beyerdynamic Germany

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Whether it’s the feel or the sound, the dynamic TG V70d live vocal microphone with a hypercardioid polar pattern is sure to impress both on the stage and behind the mixing console – for the singer, the audience and the rental company.  

The reasons: the powerful, extremely well resolved sound, the excellent feedback reduction and a marked proximity effect with saturated bass to support less powerful voices. Even without help from the tone control of the mixing console, it delivers an impressively rounded and exceptionally powerful sound. In other words: you only have to plug it in and activate the high-pass filter and you’re done. Additional to its great looks, its handling and well-thought-out housing construction with a progressively damped capsule suspension for low handling noises will make it the standard for stage professionals.  

Available with or without switch. 

Sound Channeling Technology: 

  • Special sound geometry with high-tech acoustic fabric behind the diaphragm 
  • 2-stage treble resonator for optimal treble reproduction 
  • Special sound holes for a frequency-independent polar pattern

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